Welcome To door HALO


Door Halo was invented by a Hispanic American Female Inventor, Mary Ellen, it is one of her many innovations, she is the US Patent holder for the Door HALO.

Mary Ellen was born in Chicago, Illinois. She received an associate degree from Malcolm X College in 2001 and a master's degree from the University of Phoenix in 2005. But the real story is about the WHY she invented the Door HALO, a story that she shares to help prevent this type of crime from happening to others.


Mary Ellen was attacked when she was coming home one evening, as she got near her door, unaware of an intruder lurking, she fumbled for her keys in the dark. the intruder took this opportunity to attack her and rob of her belongings. This attack stayed with her and never made her feel safe, amping up her anxiety and always on her mind that this could happen again.
During Covid, she took the opportunity to work on her idea, patent the prototype and bring to market this innovative light safety device that can be used anywhere there is a dark space. Her hopes are that this little device can help others feel safe as it offers a guiding light.

She never has to be alone walking up to the door again and neither do you.

She is a small business owner active member of the community, leads a local Chamber of Commerce, is a business owner, product developer and most importantly a Grandmother.