Welcome To door HALO


How do I charge it?

Open port cover and plug in with USB charger, included, just like you would your cell phone.

How many magnets?

There are 3 strong magnets that are screwed into the Door HALO, so they will not fall out.

Will it work on a wood door?

Yes, the Door HALO comes with a metallic ring that has an adhesive backing to be used on smooth surfaces. Purchase of additional rings is available.

What is the size of the door HALO?

Inside diameter is 2-3/4", fits most circular deadbolts or door handles, Outside diameter is 4-1/4", approx 3/4" depth.

How often do you charge it?

This will depend on usage, average customer states they charge every month

How long does it take to charge?

Full charge takes about 2 to 2-1/2hours

Will it work with my handle?

It will work with most USA made handles or deadbolt that are 2-3/4 in diameter or less. It works with round handles and lever style handles that have a circular base.

Why is it portable?

It is portable to allow for easy charging, to be used as a portable safety light device - taking the dog for a walk just got easier and brighter. Running to the car to grab groceries-grab your trusty door light